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5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Virtual Comedian

If you’re an event planner in 2021, you know how dramatically the event industry has changed. We’ve had to move our events to virtual spaces and figure things out quickly. This shift has left many planners feeling overwhelmed, especially when it comes to finding online hosts, emcees, or entertainers for events.

Online events have a number of unique challenges, but with the right person onscreen they can be effective and fun too! Here are 5 important things to consider when hiring a virtual comedian:

1. Purpose and Message

Why are you having your corporate event? Is it a fundraiser? Is it an online conference? What's the overall message and feeling you want people to walk away with?

If you want the tone and transitions for your event to be lively, welcoming, energized, light, and fun, then a comedic host or emcee is a great choice. Maybe your event has a more serious or important message, and you would want to end on a funny keynote. Laughter is great for anxiety, stress and a feeling of connection.

2. Structure and Schedule

What is the structure and schedule of your event? Will you have multiple presenters or entertainers?

If so, you might want to consider hiring a funny and experienced emcee to do the introductions, to create smooth segues, to carry you through any potentially awkward tech glitches, and keep everything running smoothly.

3. The Platform Matters

So, you love the idea of hiring a comedian for your event, but it's too complicated to make it interactive for your guests. We hear you. First you should consider what platform you're using for your virtual event.

Anytime there's no direct audience interaction, it creates certain barriers for stand-up comedy. So if it's comedy you want, but you don't need a comedian to connect or engage directly with your guests in real time, you could consider using pre-recorded comedy or hire a funny speaker.

4. Who is Your Audience?

We know that everyone loves to laugh, but there are two important things to consider when you're hiring talent:

Sensitivity - Individuals and groups have varying levels of sensitivity to certain topics and the last thing you want to do at your event is offend. That's why we always discuss content and any off-limit topics with our event partners. Our goal is to find you a comedian who is just the right fit -- the right combination of edgy and squeaky clean.

Culture - Comedy doesn’t always translate well across borders because of our many cultural differences. If you want to hire an entertainer and you have people attending from various cultural backgrounds, you might want to consider a humorous speaker, a magician, or a musical act instead.

5. Live Streaming and Technology

Whenever you're planning your event in a digital format, things can go wrong. Are you familiar with the technical aspects of your online event? Are you prepared to hire a technician? If not, you might want to consider a pre-packaged event such as our “Live From NYC” comedy package where we take care of everything for you with a technician on site.

The best part of booking or customizing a pre-packaged event with ComedyConnect is that you’re never on your own. We’ll be by your side helping you plan and at the helm managing the live stream for your event. We're event planners like you, and as your event partner there's no question we want your event to be super successful.

We hope this helps you make an informed decision!

If you're planning to go virtual in 2021 or beyond, tell us about your idea, or the platform you're using, and what you need help with. Ask us what our comedians can bring to your event, and we'll show you how to best utilize their talents in a live stream. We can connect you with talented virtual hosts and funny emcees, stellar Canadian stand-up comedians who are completely at ease on screen, and interactive virtual comedy packages.

Check out our comedy roster or call us today.


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