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Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

As everyone on planet earth knows, the year 2020 was anything but ordinary or easy.

We were blind-sided by a global pandemic and hit by a slew of natural disasters. We dealt with mass shootings and continued to wrestle our way through sociological problems like racism and political polarization that effect us all. This year has taken a toll.

Going into 2021, we're shouldering different burdens at once - isolation from our friends and extended families, new challenges being at home alone or with family members all the time, depression and anxiety, Many face job and business losses, even food shortages, and for some of us who have lost loved ones, we said good-bye with messages and broken heart emojis in a Facebook live stream or over Zoom. It's surreal.

How many times have you wondered "now what" recently? We're all carrying an uncomfortable weight into 2021, and I'm not just talking about our delicious new obsession with bread-baking! Things are heavy, and we could all use a good laugh, or many many laughs, to lift the weight off.

And this blog wouldn't be a true reflection of 2020 if we didn't look into the science of a good laugh, would it? Check this out...

A Recent Article on Stress Management from the Mayo Clinic Lists Seven Ways Laughter Can Make Us Happier and Healthier!

No joke. It's science!

1. Laughter Stimulates your Organs

Did you know that laughter increases your intake of oxygen? Your everyday, run-of-the-mill laughter is a small miracle! It stimulates your heart, lungs, muscles and increases endorphins. We're not saying you can laugh your way to better health, but science is basically saying that!

2. Laughter Activates your Stress Response

A good laugh fires up and then cools down your response to stress, and it decreases your heart rate and blood pressure. Is there a doctor in the house because the calming effect of laughter on your body sounds like a healthy reset.

3. Laughter Reduces Tension Caused by Stress

Tension? WHAT TENSION?! . . . When you laugh, it stimulates circulation in your body and automagically helps your muscles relax. Don't worry; it's biological magic, which is science! This reduces the tension in your body caused by everyday stresses like . . . following arrows and walking past people in the grocery store.

4. Laughter Improves your Immune System

Did you know that positive thoughts can actually release neuropeptides in the brain. You don't need a medical dictionary for this one. You can take the scientists' word for it! When neuropeptides are released in your brain, it helps fight stress and potentially more-serious illnesses.

5. Laughter Relieves Pain

Straight to the point, when you laugh, your body produces natural painkillers. That one sentence might change your entire life! And we can help with that.

6. Laughter Increases Personal Satisfaction

I know you're wondering what personal satisfaction has to do with 2020. Your expectations for personal satisfaction probably dropped with a thud to the bottom of your priorities in 2020, but guess what? According to actual science, laughter makes it easier to connect with other people and cope with difficult situations. 2020 is a difficult situation! We need this more than ever.

7. Laughter Improves Your Mood

And this takes effect immediately! Having a good laugh lessens anxiety and depression. It simply makes you feel happier and healthier.

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