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COVID-19 has changed the way we come together, but our need for connection is greater than ever!


Virtual events and conferences are a great alternative to traditional gatherings, and ComedyConnect is here to connect you with funny and engaging comedians and emcees who are ready, willing and able to entertain you online and turn your next virtual event into a heart-warming or uproarious and memorable experience.

ComedyConnect has a lot of talented comedians available to host your virtual event and entertain your guests online, whatever you need! OR you can book one of our two great virtual comedy packages: NYC Comedy and Debaters Live.


Did you know that many of our professional comedians are also talented virtual-event hosts and emcees?


NEED A VIRTUAL EVENT HOST? When you hire a comedian for your online event, they warm up your guests! They get everyone laughing and feeling great. Every event, whether it's a traditional or online gathering, needs an engaging host to connect with the audience and set the right tone. 


WANT TO PUT THE FUN IN FUNDRAISING ONLINE? If you're taking your fundraising efforts online, why not work with us and our tech partners to create a virtual comedy show that's live and interactive for your guests? So let us know if you need an engaging, interactive host for your next live stream or an emcee for your next fundraiser. We can even customize a pre-recorded experience for your virtual event!


If you want your online guests engaged, entertained, and LOLing at their screens, we have the right comedian for the job. If you're not sure what you need, contact Erica, She'd love to explore the options with you.

Book a Virtual Comedy Package: 

The Debaters Live & Streaming  |  NYC Comedy

The Debaters Live & Streaming Comedy Package!

A live and interactive version of CBC Radio's popular comedy show The Debaters Live & Streaming is an online show where Canadian stand-up comedy stars go toe-to-toe on a debate topic tailor-made for your audience! 



The Debaters Live & Streaming is an interactive online comedy show filled with funny and facts - crafted specifically for your group! - where your online audience votes in real-time to pick the winner.  The show is hosted by award-winning comedian and veteran emcee Steve Patterson. Because the Debaters Live is a compelling mix of laughs and logic, it has been an in-person hit at trade shows and conventions with audiences from all walks of life - medical professionals, construction workers, realtors, bankers, teachers and librarians to name a few, and now your group can participate in this event online! Depending on your needs, shows can range in length from 30 to 60 minutes.


YOU'LL GET A CUSTOM DEBATE.  Debate topics are customized to your group!  For Canada’s largest trade union, our comedians debated whether a robot worker is superior to a human worker. For a teachers' association, we debated whether elementary school was harder to teach than high school. For an association of family doctors, we debated whether patients can be trusted to make their own health decisions (a show that featured a hypochondriac comedian debating a comic who is also a veterinarian!).  The Debaters Live & Streaming team works with you to pick the best topic for your group then hand-pick two accomplished comedians to take on that topic. 

THE GREATEST HITS?  The Debaters Live & Streaming also offers ready-made, proven debates that can be adapted for group, including:

  • Adult Children living at home is good for society – a great topic for realtors, educators and others.

  • Pregnancy is harder on the man – a hilarious topic for healthcare workers, women’s associations and others.

  • Pineapple does not belong on pizza! – An ideal topic for the food industry, restaurants, or any group that wants a fun debate where the audience immediately picks sides!

  • Robots can do any job a human can – This compelling and timely topic is great for any sector where automation and AI are becoming more relevant.


BOOKING A HOLIDAY SHOW?  We have topics ready to go, including:

  • Is it better to give or receive?

  • Mrs. Claus vs The Elves – who contributes more to the holiday?

CONTACT ERICA for more information about The DEBATERS LIVE & STREAMING.

NYC Comedy Package!

Get cosy on the couch and log in to your private comedy club when you book a virtual comedy event live from New York City!


Host Davin Rosenblatt will shake out the stuck-at-home blues and get your guests laughing and having fun. Corporate Comedy Packages include: live streaming, production and comedy customized for your group with comedians that are well-suited to your event.


CONTACT ERICA for more information about the NYC COMEDY package.

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