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High Energy Event Host and Emcee
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Teamwork, Leadership & Peak Performance Expert

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Tyler Hayden

Tyler is on a mission to eradicate boring events through the delivery of programs that ignite unexpected learning, and inspire people to connect, grow and do good things.  Tyler's vision is to deliver super-sized out-a-the-box fun, covered in learning awesomesauce.



Tyler Hayden is a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Team Building Expert, Virtual Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  Ever since graduating from Acadia University in 1996 with a degree in Recreation and Management Studies he has been a full-time motivational keynote speaker. His brother Todd would say that means he's never had a real job.

In Grade 5, Tyler won his first speaking competition, talking about what life was like while a baby inside his mom's tummy.  It was likely that the infectious laughter that day of the audience first spoke to his soul, or maybe his funny bone. He travelled through the next decade or so over obstacles and into opportunities.  From being challenged by surviving sexual abuse and learning disabilities, to being supported by amazing mentors and developing a quick creative mind. These experiences and others have gifted Tyler with the tenacity and perseverance to work harder to unite people in fun, innovative and amazingly powerful ways. 

Its' been said that Tyler is, "Canada's Answer to Alternative Energy," and if you've ever seen him on stage I'm sure you will agree.  His electric energy and fast paced participatory action engages audiences from his first "hello."  Couple that with his amazing storytelling abilities and you'll either be on the edge of your seat in anticipation or in the isles laughing from his clean corporate humour.  Tyler is an everyday adventurer who has driven NASCAR, flown trick Airplanes, swam with Great White Sharks and even survived being an Elected Government Official. Tyler's adventurous stories leave audiences with memorable learning and rubber-to-the-road tools that impact long after he finishes on stage. 

Since 1996 Tyler has been speaking and consulting with groups internationally - from Fortune 500 and Inc 5000 businesses to Associations and Government. The one common thread is Tyler takes the time to research your individual learning needs and work tirelessly to get the job done - and done right.  From writing team building programs for his competition to the large conference stages of Las Vegas and program delivery to senior leaders from YPO to custom learning programs rolled out to 10's of thousands - Tyler loves his life's work, and your happiness and laughter is his greatest reward.

Tyler is the father of two amazing young women, an artist, farmer, and global traveller.  If you don't find Tyler penning his next book or cheering his children on in theatre or sport - you'll likely see him playing at the beach by his house or enjoying a coffee at the local coffee shop across the river. 


“Tyler Hayden was emcee for the Atlantic Internet Marketing conference this year in Halifax. Tyler had the audience cracking up from his first time on stage, through every stop. He was 200% the professional – doing whatever was asked, whether planned or unplanned – filling in the holes when needed, herding cattle when we had to get people going, and generally being a larger than life (of the party) host. In one line – Tyler Hayden was the best emcee we could have asked for, alternately inspiring and full-on hilarious, he makes people laugh, makes them comfortable, and gets them engaged. No question – the biggest single decision we made that impacted the event’s success was hiring Tyler Hayden to emcee the show. He became the glue that held the event together, and lifted it up to a new level. I don’t think we could find better.”

The Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference

“Tyler's energy and optimism are contagious an no one is immune to his humour. Tyler has worked for us with several groups in our area. His empathy and ability to touch each individual is like magic, making the group a team. Everyone should have a chance to experience him!”

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travels from:

Lunenberg, Nova Scotia

stage experience

Since 1996 Tyler has been speaking and consulting with groups internationally - from Fortune 500 and Inc 5000 businesses to Associations and Government

past clients

- Honeywell
- Bell
- Canadian Red Cross
- Canadian Payroll Association
- Lawtons Drugs
- CMA, Financial Management Institute
- Cooperators
- Exon Mobile
- Assante Wealth Management

film / tv / broadcast credits

Bestselling Author

awards / nominations

Tyler is an author of 25+ books

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